Dow Air Force Base, ME. – August 23, 1952


F-80C Shooting Star
U.S. Air Force Photo

     In the early morning hours of August 23, 1952, a Maine Air National Guard F-80C Shooting Star, (Ser. No. 48-865), was taking off from Dow Air Force Base when it lost power and crashed and burned.   Although the aircraft was destroyed, the pilot escaped with only minor injuries. 


     The Evening Star, (Washington, D.C.), “Jet Crashes, Pilot Escapes”, August 23, 1952

     Maine Wreck Chasers website 

Dow Field, ME – June 13, 1947

Dow Field, Maine – June 13, 1947


P-47 Thunderbolt - U.S. Air Force Photo

P-47 Thunderbolt – U.S. Air Force Photo

     On June 13, 1947, 1st Lt. James B. Clouse was piloting a P-47 Thunderbolt, (#44-89427) from New York to Dow Field in Bangor when the aircraft’s canopy became covered with oil and dust obscuring his vision.  To further complicate matters, the aircraft’s radio had ceased working.   

     He reached Dow Field just before 9:00 p.m., and circled in an attempt to establish radio contact, but was unsuccessful.  Those in the control tower realized something was wrong, and turned on the lights of runway 22.  The night was dark and there was no moon, further hindering the pilot’s vision.  

     As Lt. Clouse came in to land he realized he’d over shot the runway and went around for a second try.  On his second approach the landing gear struck soft ground at the end of the runway and broke free.  The aircraft’s momentum carried it down the runway on its belly causing major damage to the plane.  Fortunately Lt. Clouse escaped without injury.     


     Source: Air Force Crash Investigation Report, #47-6-13-2 

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