Quincy, MA – September 28, 1927

Quincy, Massachusetts – September 28, 1927 

     On September 28, 1927, Thea Rasche, a famous German aviatrix, was piloting a Flamingo Udet, U-12, a German – made trainer biplane, 2,000 feet over the area of Dennison Airport when the motor died.  Unable to restart the motor, Rasche brought the plane down, towards the landing field, but then saw spectators on the field, so she aimed towards the hangars and brought the plane down in an open area.  Unfortunately the ground there was soft and the wheels stuck in the mud causing the plane to nose over.  Miss Rasche was not injured, and the principal damage to the aircraft was to the propeller.    

     Dennison Airport was located near the intersection of East Squantum Street and Quincy Shore Drive.  The airport opened in 1927, and closed shortly before World War II.

     Famous Aviator Emilia Earhart was aboard the first official flight out of the airport on September 3, 1927.      

     Thea Rasche was an aviation pioneer, born August 12, 1899.  More information about her can be found on Wikipedia.   


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