Spotted Mountain, ME – November 19, 1973

Spotted Mountain, Maine – November 19, 1973


     On the evening of November 19, 1973, a Cessna 172, (N92899), with four people aboard crashed on Spotted Mountain in North Franklin, Maine.  The people, two men and two women, were in-route from Biddeford to Millinocket when the accident occurred.  All aboard were dressed in formal attire.

     One man and one woman suffered leg fractures.  The other two people received relatively minor injuries.   The group spent the night in a small natural depression in the ground with portions of the aircraft placed along the rim to help block the cold winds and snow.  They built a fire using portions of one woman’s evening gown to ignite the wood. 

     The following morning the uninjured man, clad in his tuxedo, made his way down the mountain to a road and flagged down a passing truck.  A helicopter was dispatched to rescue the others still at the crash site.  All were brought to a clinic in Rangeley, Maine, and were expected to recover.

     Source: Nashua Telegraph, “4 Survive Plane Crash”, November 21, 1973      

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