Connecticut River – September 17, 1925

Connecticut River – September 17, 1925

     On September 17, 1925, a man took off from New Haven Airport in a seaplane, and a short while later was killed when the plane crashed in the Connecticut River.  It was later learned that he had only four hours of instruction in a seaplane, and ten was the required minimum to solo. 


     The New Britain Herald, “Dead Aviator Had But Four Hours Of Lessons”, September 22, 1925.   

Haddam, CT. – November 18, 1921

Haddam, Connecticut – November 18, 1921 

     On November 18, 1921, a small seaplane left New York bound for Springfield, Massachusetts.  There were three people aboard: the pilot, Frank Little, of Haddenfield, New Jersey; his mechanic, James Delaney, of Freeport, New York; and a passenger identified as 60-year-old H. D. Lindsiey, of Springfield, Massachusetts.    

     When the aircraft reached Connecticut the pilot began following the Connecticut River which would lead them north to the city of Springfield.  Not long afterwards the plane encountered heavy fog conditions and crashed in a swampy area at Haddam Neck in the town of Haddam.  

     Mr. Lindsiey was killed in the crash.  Little and Delaney were transported to Middlesex Hospital for treatment. 

     Source: New York Tribune, “One Killed In Air Wreck – Seaplane Crashes Into tree While Fog Bound”, November 19, 1921  

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