Bethany, CT. – January 24, 1942

Bethany Connecticut – January 24, 1942

     On Saturday afternoon, January 24, 1942, an aircraft mechanic at the Bethany Air Field discovered a fire in the hangar where twenty-one aircraft were being stored.  He sounded the alarm and then he, along with two other another mechanics,  two student pilots, and the airport manager, began moving as many airplanes as possible out of the hangar.  Meanwhile, the local fire department arrived and began battling the flames.  Within twenty minutes the blaze was brought under control, but when it was over six planes had been lost, and the hangar was badly damaged,  The total damage to the building and aircraft was estimated to be $25,000.

     The good news was that sixteen of the airplanes had been saved, and there were no injuries.

     The blaze was investigated by the Connecticut State Police, but the cause was undetermined.  Because WWII was in progress, sabotage was considered, buy later ruled out. 


     Waterbury Democrat, “Waterburians lose Planes In Bethany”, January 26, 1942, pg. 2.  

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