Marblehead, MA – May 7, 1915

Marblehead, Massachusetts – May 7, 1915


     On May 7, 1915, Aviator Clifford L. Webster, and a mechanic identified as “Carman”, were making a test flight over Marblehead of a Burgess airplane which had been built for Vincent Astor.  While over the water of near Marblehead Neck the engine suddenly stopped and the plane crashed into a sea wall on the ocean side of the causeway that connected Marblehead Neck with the rest of the town.   After striking the seawall, the aircraft continued on across the road where both men were pitched out.  Webster suffered a broken arm.  No injuries for the mechanic were reported.     

     Source: The Brattleboro Daily Reformer, (Brattleboro, VT.) “Aviator Was Badly Injured”, May 7, 1915, page 5

First Aircraft Used In Sea Rescue – 1914

First Aircraft Used In Sea Rescue – 1914

     According to the following article, the first time an airplane was used in rescue operation for a ship in distress was in June of 1914, in the waters off Massachusetts.  

“…the first time in the history of aviation that an airship has gone to succor a ship at sea.” 

     The Columbus Commercial, Airship For Sea Rescue” June 14, 1914.

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Airship For Sea Rescue Newspaper

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