Bridgeport, CT – June, 1904

Bridgeport, Connecticut – June, 1904


    balloon The source for this story was dated July 11, 1904, but the date of the incident was reported as “a few weeks ago”, which assumedly means it occurred sometime during the month of June. 

     A woman identified as Miss Carrie Meyers was scheduled to give a balloon exhibition at a charity event being held in Bridgeport.  All seemed to be going well as she made her ascent, until she reached an altitude of between 400 and 500 feet, and the balloon suddenly caught fire.  As the flames rose, Miss Meyers attempted to leave the balloon using a parachute, but was unable to effect its release from the gondola.  In short order the flames ate through the balloon causing it to plunge to the ground where it dropped into a large tree which miraculously broke the fall.  When spectators rushed over they discovered that Miss Meyers had suffered only minor injuries.     


     The Salt Lake Tribune, “Fell Hundreds Of Feet”, (Girl In A Burning Balloon With Useless Parachute), July 11, 1904      

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