Near Colebrook, N.H. – December 7, 1975

Near Colebrook, New Hampshire – December 7, 1975

     On December 7, 1975, a flight of four U.S. Marine Corps A-4 Skyhawk fighter jets left South Weymouth Naval Air Station in Massachusetts for a routine training flight. One of the aircraft, Bu. No. 150135, was piloted by Captain Andrew J. Ley, 30, a Marine Corps Reserve officer from Natick, Massachusetts.  While the flight was passing near Colebrook, New Hampshire, Captain Ley was forced to bail out of his aircraft.  The Skyhawk reportedly went down in a wilderness area near Colebrook.  Captain Ley parachuted safely, and was assisted by some local men who happened to see his chute deploy.  He was transported to the Pease Air Force Base hospital for treatment of minor injuries. 


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