Mt. Abraham, ME. – November 14, 1967

Mount Abraham, Maine – November 14, 1967

     On the morning of November 14, 1967, two U.S. Air Force F-101 fighter jets took off from Otis Air Force Base in Falmouth, Massachusetts, bound for Loring Air Force Base in Maine, and from there, on to Goosebay, Labrador.   Both aircraft were assigned to the 6oth Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Otis.  This was to be a long distance training flight.

     All was uneventful with the flight until the aircraft encountered snowy weather over Maine which reduced visibility.  As the jets were passing over the town of Kingfield they were involved in a mid-air collision.  One jet, (Ser. No. 57-376), suffered severe damage and the crew was forced to eject.  The pilot, Captain Dean H. Glazier, 32, parachuted safely onto a farm about a quarter-mile west of West Kingfield Road.  The radar officer, Major Lawrence Uchmanowicz, 38, landed in a tree about three-quarters of a mile from Captain Glazer.  He was assisted by hunters who’d seem him come down.  Both men were transported to the Dow Air Force Base hospital for treatment.  Meanwhile, their F-101 had continued on and crashed into the side of Mt. Abraham, five hundred feet from the top.  Wreckage was strewn over a large area.  The crash site is located about six miles from Kingfield.     

     The other F-101, (Ser. No. 57-378), was able to make it safely to Dow AFB on its own despite a large hole in the wing.  The pilot, 1st Lt. James Craig, and the radar officer, Captain Vincent Robben, were not injured.


     Bangor Daily News, “Two Parachute As F101s Collide Over Kingfield”, November 15, 1967 

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