Lynn, MA – May 11, 1912

Lynn, Massachusetts – May 11, 1912


    balloon On May 11, 1912, famous aeronaut, Professor Clarence C. Bonette, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, was scheduled to give a performance at Lynn, Mass.  Bonette’s plan was to rise to a predetermined height in his balloon, and then drop using a parachute.  He began his ascension from the intersection of Spring and Washington Streets, and when he’d reached an altitude of 10,000 feet over the area of High Rock, he decided to make his drop. 

     As soon as he began his descent it was apparent that the parachute wasn’t working right, and within seconds Bonette had lost control.  He crash-landed on the roof of a home belonging to Fred Campbell on Bay View Avenue before sliding off and hitting the ground. 

     The professor suffered several broken bones in the accident.

     For more information about Professor Bonette, see the article “C. C. Bonette – Early Vermont Aeronaut” under “ARTICLES” on this website.


     The Barre Daily Times, (Vt.) “Prof. C. C. Bonette Hurt In 10,000 Foot Drop”,  May 13, 1912, Page 2.           

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