Brockton, MA.- December 21, 1953

Brockton, Massachusetts – December 21, 1953

     On the evening of December 21, 1953, a 35-year-old veteran pilot with ten years flying experience, and her mother, took off in a two seat aircraft from the Wilkins Airport in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  The purpose of the flight was to see town greens decorated with Christmas light displays from the air.  They first flew over the town of Taunton and viewed the town green from above.  They then flew off to see how other towns had decorated.   While over the town of Brockton it was discovered that the plane was low on gas.  Knowing that they couldn’t make it back to Wilkins Field, the pilot opted to make an emergency landing in a small field.  Upon landing the right wing was badly damaged when it struck some small trees and brush.  The pilot and her mother were not injured.   


     The Pawtucket Times, “Views Taunton green From Air, Then Lands In Brockton ‘Green'”, December 22, 1953, pg. 11.

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