Bridgeport, CT. – July 13, 1942

Bridgeport, Connecticut – July 13, 1942


P-47B Thunderbolt
U.S. Air Force Photo

     On July 13, 1942, 2nd Lt. Burdette L. Wertman, (22), of David City, Nebraska, left Bradley Airfield in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, on a routine flight for the Bridgeport Municipal Airport.  He was piloting a P-47B Thunderbolt, (Ser. No. 5919).  As he was making his final approach to the runway the right wing was observed to drop, and as it did so the aircraft fell onto the runway with the right wing striking first.  The aircraft then cartwheeled, tumbled, and skidded for several hundred yards before coming to rest.  Lieutenant Wertman did not survive.       

     Lt. Wertman was assigned to the 88th Fighter Squadron.  He received his pilot’s wings at Ellington Field, Texas in December of 1941.  

     To see a photo and detailed obituary of Lt. Wertman click here:

   Lt. Wertman had survived a previous aviation accident of January 18, 1942, while landing at Bridgeport.  To learn more, click here: Bridgeport, Ct. – January 18, 1942 


     Book, “Fatal Army Air Forces Aviation Accidents In The United States, 1941-1945”, by Anthony J. Mireles, C. 2006

     The Waterbury Democrat, “Bradley Field Lt. Killed”, July 14, 1942, Page 8.

Bridgeport Airport, CT – January 18, 1942

Bridgeport Airport, Connecticut – January 18, 1942


P-39 Aircobra - U.S. Air Force Photo

P-39 Aircobra – U.S. Air Force Photo

     On the afternoon of January 18, 1942, 2nd Lt. Burdette L. Wertman landed in a P-39D (Ser. No. 41-6801) at Bridgeport Airport after a routine training flight.  As the aircraft touched down and began rolling down the runway, Lt. Wertman discovered that the brakes were inoperable.  The aircraft continued rolling until it struck a dirt wall at the end of the runway.  The collision wrecked the aircraft, but Wertman was uninjured.   

     Source: U. S. Air Corps Technical Report Of Aircraft Accident #42-1-15-4

     Lieutenant Wertman perished in another aviation accident at Bridgeport on July 13, 1942.  To learn more, click here: Bridgeport, Ct. July 13, 1942 

Bridgeport, CT – July 12, 1910

Bridgeport, Connecticut – July 12, 1910

     On July 12, 1910, famous Connecticut aviator, Gustave Whitehead, flew his monoplane into the side of a bridge in Bridgeport.  The impact from the crash threw him out of the aircraft and knocked him unconscious.   The aircraft was wrecked.  No further details were given.

     Source: (Ottumwa, Iowa) Ottumwa Tri-weekly Courier, “Connecticut Aviator Hurt”, July 14, 1910


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