Block Island, R. I. – July 22, 1957

Block Island, Rhode Island – July 22, 1957

     On July 21, 1957, four men took off from the Woonsocket Airport in a 1946 Stinson 150 bound for Block Island, where they intended to spend the day, have dinner, and then fly home.  At 1:05 a.m. on the morning of July 22, the men took off from Block Island Airport for the return trip.  Shortly after becoming airborne the plane suddenly crashed in a thick brushy area about three miles from the airport and burst into flames.  All aboard perished.     

     The men were from Cumberland, R. I., Blackstone, Ma., North Smithfield, R. I. and Milford, Ma.  All had been long time friends. 

     Visibility at the time of the accident was hindered by darkness and patches of thick fog.   

     The cause of the accident is unknown.  


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Block Island Airport – September 8, 1976

Block Island Airport – September 8, 1976

     On September 8, 1976, a Beechcraft S-35 Bonanza arrived at Block Island Airport with three men aboard.  After the aircraft taxied to a stop, it was left in place with the engine running.  At that time the pilot exited the aircraft and stood on the wing to assist one of the other men from the cabin.  As this was happening, the third man went to switch his position within the cabin, and as he did so bumped into a seat in the cockpit which fell against the plane’s controls.  The aircraft suddenly lurched, throwing the pilot off the wing.  He hit the ground and struck his head against the pavement.  As the pilot lay bleeding, the aircraft began to spin wildly in circles until someone gained control of it.    

     At the time of the accident, another aircraft belonging to New England Airlines was preparing to take off.  The injured pilot was placed aboard and flown to a hospital in New London, Connecticut, in critical condition.  The pilot did not survive his injuries.       


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Block Island Airport – August 25, 1974

Block Island Airport – August 25, 1974

     On August 25, 1975, three men, all members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, left Danbury, Connecticut, bound for Block Island, R.I., in a single-engine Beech Musketeer aircraft.  They arrived at Block Island at about 2:00 p.m., and as the plane approached the runway of Block Island State Airport, the engine lost power and the plane crash landed 93 feet short of the runway.  Two of the three men aboard suffered minor injuries.      

     This was the second aviation accident to occur in Rhode Island on this date.  Another man was killed when his homemade plane crashed into the water off Deluca’s Beach in Narragansett, R.I.  That accident is also posted on this website.


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