First Woman To Fly An Airplane In New England – 1912

     First Woman To Fly An Airplane In New England – 1912

June 29, 1912 

     According to a small newspaper article which appeared in The San Francisco Call, Miss Blanche Stuart Scott (1885-1970) was the first woman to fly an “aeroplane” in New England.  The event occurred at the 3rd Boston Aero Meet scheduled to be held at Harvard Field in Squantum, Massachusetts, from June 29, to July 6, 1912.

The following is a transcript of the article:


    “ BOSTON, June 29, – Miss Blanche Stuart Scott secured the distinction of being the first woman to fly an aeroplane in New England at the opening of the aviation meet in Squantum today. She used a biplane.  Later Miss Harriet Quimby made a half hour’s flight in a new monoplane.”

     The article indicates that Miss Scott flew before Harriet Quimby (1875 – July 1, 1912).  Miss Quimby was famous for being the first woman in the Unites States to earn a pilot’s license, and for being the first woman to fly across the English Channel on April 16, 1912. 

     The 3rd Boston Aero Meet was scheduled to run from June 29 to July 6, but was cut short on July 1st when Miss Quimby and a passenger were killed when her plane crashed in Dorchester Bay. 

     Much has been written about the lives of both Miss Scott and Miss Quimby.  

     Source: The San Francisco Call, “Miss Blanche Scott Obtains Aero Honors”, June 30, 1912, Page 22.      

The Sun, (N.Y.)

June 1, 1913

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