Beverly, MA. – February 22, 1984

Beverly, Massachusetts – February 22, 1984

     On February 8, 1984, a student pilot and his instructor were practicing touch-and-go landings at Beverly Airport when the aircraft crashed on approach to the runway.  The student survived, the instructor did not. It was unclear who was in control of the aircraft at the time as the plane was equipped with dual controls.


     The Sun, (Westerly, R.I.), “Flight Instructor Dies In Beverly Plane Crash”, February 23, 1984, page 9


Danvers, MA. – December 21, 1976

Danvers, Massachusetts – December 21, 1976

     On December 21, 1976, a twin-engine Piper Apache with a husband and wife aboard took off from Beverly Airport, which is located in both Danvers and the neighboring town of Beverly.  According to one witness, the aircraft appeared to “wobble” as it took off before one engine cut out and the aircraft went down on Massachusetts Avenue in Danvers, crashing and exploding thirty feet from a private home.  The couple perished in the accident, but nobody on the ground was injured.     


     Providence Evening Bulletin, “Pilot, Wife Die In Crash Near Houses”, December 22, 1976, page A-8 (With photo of crash scene.)



Beverly, MA – July 16, 1936

Beverly, Massachusetts – July 16, 1936

     On July 16, 1936, well known orchestra leader Orville Knapp, 28, went to East Boston Airport where he’d been storing his airplane since recently flying it to Boston for an engagement.  At 4:30 p.m. Knapp took off for Beverly Airport in Beverly, Massachusetts, to practice making emergency landings with his motor shut off.    He landed at Beverly about a half-hour later, and spoke with those in charge at the airport regarding his intentions, and was granted permission. 

     A few minutes later he took off for his first practice run and circled the airfield.  As he was banking the aircraft to come in for a landing at the north end of the field, he shut the motor off while less than  300 feet in the air.  The aircraft dove in and crashed, but didn’t burn. 

     Several witnesses ran to the wreck and worked to remove Mr. Knapp who expired just after they freed him.   

    Orville Knapp was survived by his wife, Gloria (Grafton) Knapp, a Broadway actress.


     New York Times, “Orville Knapp Dies In Airplane Crash”, July 17, 1936.


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