Camel’s Hump Mt. – October 16, 1944

Camel’s Hump Mountain, Vermont- October 16, 1944

B-24 Liberator  U.S. Air Force Photo

B-24 Liberator
U.S. Air Force Photo

     On October 16, 1944, a U. S. Army B-24J Liberator (#42-51067) crashed into Camel’s Hump Mountain killing all but one crewman aboard.  The sole survivor was Aerial Gunner James W. Wilson who was found by members of the Civil Air Patrol a short distance from the wreck.  Investigators found the wreckage near the top of the 4,083 mountain, covering more than an acre of land.   

     Other members of the crew included:

     Pilot: 1st Lt. David E. Potter, age 30.  To see a photo of Lt. Potter, click here:

     Co-pilot: Flight Officer John J. Ramasocky, age 23. 

     F.O. Ramasocky’s brother was killed in a military plane crash on August 12, 1947. Click here for info. 

     Navigator: 2nd Lt. Robert W. Geoffrey, age 22.To see a photo of Lt. Geoffrey, click here:

     Bombardier: 1st Lt. David C. McNary, age 25.  To see a photo of Lt. McNary click here:  

     Engineer: Corporal Luther N. Hagler, age 21. To see a photo of Cpl. Hagler, click here:

     Radio Operator: Corporal James Perry, age 19.  To see a photo of Cpl. Perry’s grave, click here:

     Ball Turret Gunner: Corporal Robert E. Denton, age 22 or 23.  To see a photo of his grave click here: 

     Tail Gunner: PFC Richard C. Wynne, age 18.  To see a photo of PFC Wynne’s grave, click here:

     Nose Gunner: PFC Casper Zacher, age 19.  To see a photo of PFC Zacher’s grave, click here:

     A memorial plaque and a wing section of the aircraft can be found at the crash site.


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