Ansonia, CT. – July 2, 1975

Ansonia, Connecticut – July 2, 1975 

     At about 7:30 p.m. on July 2, 1975, a Piper PA28-140 with two men aboard was taking off from the Ansonia Airport.  (The airport no longer exists.) When the airplane had reached an altitude of about 50 feet the engine suddenly failed and the plane crashed.  Although the aircraft suffered substantial damage, the two men escaped with minor injuries.


     Hartford Courant, “Plane Crashes; 2 Walk Away”, July 4, 1975 


Ansonia Airport, CT – November 14, 1954

Ansonia Airport, Ansonia Connecticut

November 14, 1954


     On November 14, 1954, a single-engine Stinson aircraft with three people aboard was attempting to land at Ansonia Airport when the landing gear caught on a wire at the edge of the field causing the plane to crash.    Fortunately, all aboard suffered only minor injuries. 

     Those aboard the aircraft were members of the Connecticut Civil Air Patrol, and were arriving at Ansonia for an air show.  They were identified as Capt. Raoul J. Benoit, a doctor, Eleanor E. Cottrell, a nurse, and Lt. William E. Buckolz. 


     The Day, “The Day In Connecticut”, November 15, 1954, page 22.    

     Other Ansonia Airport Accidents

     On May 24, 1958, a single-engine aircraft crashed just after takeoff from Ansonia Airport and struck a house located about 100 yards  from the airport.  At time of the accident, the home was  occupied by a man and his wife.  Fortunately, the couple wasn’t injured, and the 51-year-old pilot from New Haven, Connecticut, suffered only minor injuries. 

     The pilot told authorities that his aircraft was caught in a sudden downdraft.

     Source: (Bridgeport, CT.) Sunday Herald, “Pilot Survives Crash Into Roof, Call It A Miracle”, May 25, 1958  

     On September 27, 1963, an aircraft containing three men in their early 20s crashed on takeoff from Ansonia Airport.  The pilot was admitted to a local hospital with head injuries.  The two passengers also suffered unspecified injures.

     The aircraft belonged to the airport, and had been rented to the men a short time before the accident.  

     Source: (Meriden, CT) The Morning Record, “3 Hurt As Plane Crashes At Ansonia”, September 28, 1963

     In October of 1970, a large fire swept through the hangar at Ansonia Airport. 

     Source: (New London, CT), The Day, “Hangar Burns At Ansonia Airport”, October 17, 1970, page 7.   

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