Agawam, MA. – December 4, 1932

Agawam Bowles Airport – December 4, 1932

     In May of 1932, former U. S. Army lieutenant Frank J. Lynch announced that he planned to fly he and his wife Josephine on a 40,000 mile trip around the world.  The custom aircraft he planned to use was designed by Robert L. Hall and was presently under construction at the Agawam Bowles Airport in Agawam, Massachusetts.   Dubbed “The Cicada”, it would be a high wing monoplane and have a cruising speed of 175 mph and a top speed of 210 mph.           

     Lynch was a native of Waterbury, Connecticut, and a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin.   He’d been flying since 1909; been a flight instructor during WWI; and a movie stunt pilot.  

     Once test flights at Agawam were complete, the plane was to fly to Newark, New Jersey where the couple would begin their round-the-world flight. 

     On December 4, 1932, “The Cicada” was ready for its first flight, which was completed safely at the Agawam Bowles Airport by Mr. Hall.  As Lieutenant Lynch was taking off a short time later the aircraft crashed into the side of a hangar and Lt. Lynch was killed.   


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