Concord, NH- August 28, 1901

Concord, New Hampshire – August 28, 1901

     On August 28, 1901, an aeronaut named Stevens, was giving a balloon exhibition at the Concord State Fair.  According to a newspaper article, Stevens was shot from a cannon while descending in his balloon, the logistics of which are not explained.  The balloon and cannon fell upon some electrical wires running from the city’s power plant causing a blackout. 

     A lineman named Harry Quint attempted to make repairs and was subsequently electrocuted. 

     Although the following had nothing to do with the balloon accident, it was also mentioned that a 12-year-old boy named William Sheehan was killed by a train as he walked along the tracks near where the fair was taking place.

Source” New York Times, “Trouble Follows Mrs. Eddy”, August 29, 1901    

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