Newport, R. I. – August 14, 1922

Newport, Rhode Island – August 14, 1922

     On August 14, 1922, a U. S. Navy Aeromarine 40F bi-plane, (Bu. No. A-5087), was attempting to land in the water off Newport when the right wing suddenly dipped and hit the water just before touchdown causing a crash.   The right wing was crumpled and the fuselage broke in half, and the rudder was broken.  Fortunately the pilot and his passenger were not injured.

     The aircraft was assigned to the Squantum Scouting Fleet stationed at Squantum, Massachusetts.  It was turned over to the Fleet Air Base at Hampton Roads, Virginia, to be salvaged for useable parts before scrapping. 

     Source: U. S. Naval Aviation Safety Center, Norfolk, Virginia, Pilot History Cards.      

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