Topsfield, MA. – May 14, 1943

Topsfield, Massachusetts – May 14, 1943


P-47C Thunderbolt
U.S. Air Force Photo

     On May 14, 1943, a flight of five U. S. Army P-47 aircraft took off from Bedford Field in Bedford, Massachusetts, for a formation training flight.  While in formation at 6,500 feet over the Topsfield area, one aircraft, (Ser. No. 41-6643) piloted by 2nd Lt. Ernest W. Hagar, (20), began trailing white smoke.  As Lt. Hagar left the formation to attempt an emergency landing his engine lost all power, forcing him to bail out.  Once he left the aircraft his parachute didn’t fully deploy and he perished.  The aircraft crashed on the Steward Estate, on Perkins Row, in Topsfield.   

     Lt. Hagar was assigned to the 370th Fighter Squadron at Bedford.  He’s buried in Sweetwater Cemetery in Sweetwater, Texas.  To see a photo of him click here:   


     Book, “Fatal Army Air Forces Aviation Accidents In The Unites States, 1941-1945”, by Anthony J. Mireles, C. 2006  

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