Narragansett Bay – December 29, 1951

Narragansett Bay, R. I. – December 29, 1951


Douglas Skyraider
U. S. Navy Photo

     Just before 6 p.m. on the evening of December 29, 1951, Ensign Roy C. Pickler took off from the Quonset Point Naval Air Station in an AD-3 Skyraider aircraft, (Bu. No. 122844), for a night training flight that would involve night touch-and-go landings at the Quonset airfield.   Once airborne, Pickler was directed to join three other aircraft already in the air, and all four aircraft were put in a holding pattern to await further instructions.   About fifteen minutes later the aircraft were directed to a lower altitude, and shortly afterward it was noted that one aircraft had disappeared. 

     A red emergency flare was then spotted in the water and two crash-rescue boats were dispatched.  Ensign Pickler was recovered from the water unconscious, about a half-mile southeast of the Quonset pier.  All efforts to revive him failed.   

     Ensign Pickler was assigned to VC-12 stationed at Quonset Point. 

     Source: U. S. Navy Accident Report dated December 29, 1951. 

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