Lenox, MA. – May 27, 1957

Lenox, Massachusetts – May 27, 1957   

F-86 Sabre – U.S. Air Force Photo

      On the afternoon of May 27, 1957, two Air Force F-86 Sabre jet fighters were partaking in a mock dog-fight over Lenox, Massachusetts, when one of the aircraft, (#51-5950), piloted by 1st Lt. Francis Lee Revere, (25), stalled, and then went into a dive, crashing nose first into the ground.  The jet crashed and exploded on the Robertson Farm on New Lenox Road leaving a wide 12-foot deep crater and scattering debris. 

     Lt. Revere perished in the accident. 

     There had been no contact between the two aircraft.

     The other F-86 returned to Westover Air Force Base 

     The incident was witnessed by hundreds of people on the ground who’d been watching the to aircraft for about thirty minutes prior to the crash.      

     Lieutenant Revere was assigned to the 33rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. 


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     Aviation Safety Network

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