Yarmouth, MA – July 21, 1920

Yarmouth, Massachusetts – July 21, 1920

     On July 21, 1920, two men were killed when their aircraft fell 2,000 feet and slammed nose first into the gooey mud of a pond located in Horse Pond Wood.  The impact drove the nose ten feet into the mud, burying both men who were strapped in their seats.  It took several hours to free both men and machine from the muck.

     The dead were identified as George L. Hall, (pilot) of Mansfield, Mass., and C. Gould Weld, of Framingham, Mass. The two airmen were employed by the Aero Service Company and were flying a two-passenger aircraft described only as being “of Canadian make.”     

Source: Falmouth Enterprise, “Aviators Killed At Yarmouth” July 24, 1920.

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