WWII Helldiver Found – November 7, 1978

WWII Helldiver Found – November 7, 1978


SB2C Helldiver U.S. Navy Photo

SB2C Helldiver
U.S. Navy Photo

     On November 7, 1978, Michael Roy, 19, a scuba diver from Plymouth, Massachusetts, was sent to free a fishing net snagged on an underwater obstruction in 30 feet of water about a half-mile off the coast of Plymouth.  There he discovered that the net was caught on the propeller of an old airplane. 

     Coast Guard officials identified the wreck as being a WWII, U.S. Navy, Curtis SB2C Helldiver.  

     Roy noted that the switches inside the cockpit were in the “on” position, which may indicate that what ever happened with the plane was sudden.  There were no human remains seen in the cockpit. 

     Nothing is known about this wreck.  It was speculated that the plane might have gone down on a training flight or while on convoy/anti-submarine patrol. 

     Source: Lewiston Daily Sun, “Diver Finds WWII Navy Plane”, November 11, 1978      

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