Wethersfield, CT. – May 19, 1911

Wethersfield, Connecticut – May 19, 1911

     On May 19, 1911, Peter Dione, described as “a youthful aviator”,  attempted to fly his airplane between Wethersfield and Franklin Avenues near the Wethersfield-Hartford city line.  After rising to an altitude of forty feet the aircraft suddenly nosed over and fell to earth.  Just before impact, Dione leaped clear and landed in some tall grass which cushioned his fall and saved his life.  His injuries were minor. The aircraft smashed into the ground and was wrecked, but it was thought that the motor might be salvaged.

     Dione, who was from New Britain, Connecticut, had reportedly been working on the airplane for several weeks, keeping it at the former Goodrich Paper Factory on Franklin Avenue.  It was further reported that he also had two other aircraft stored there. 

     The day before his accident, he’d flown the same airplane, but was only able to attain an altitude of ten feet before landing safely.   


    Hartford Courant, “Youthful Aviator Falls Forty Feet”, May 20, 1911 

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