Warwick, R. I. – August 16, 1940

Warwick, Rhode Island – August 16, 1940

      On August 16, 1940, a 24-year-old student pilot in a Piper Cub was waiting for clearance to take off from Hillsgrove Airport in Warwick.  Meanwhile, a 35-year-old student pilot in a Luscombe aircraft was returning to the airport from a solo flight.  As the Liscombe was approaching the runway, the control tower operator gave the green light to the Piper Cub to take off.  The pilot of the Piper Cub gunned his engine and began his take off run while the Liscombe continued its approach.  The tower operator suddenly realized what was taking place, and tried to signal the Piper Cub to abort, but it was too late.  The tower operator would later state that a hangar had obstructed his view of the approaching plane. 

     Just as the Piper Cub left the ground it collided in mid-air with the in-coming Liscombe.  The collision took place when both aircraft were about ten feet off the ground. 

     Both aircraft crashed to the ground, but there was no fire.  Despite the damage to each aircraft, neither pilot suffered serious injuries. 


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