Tyngsboro, MA. – September 17, 1937

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts – September 17, 1937

     On September 17, 1937, a young man who’d only been solo flying a few weeks rented a red Taylor Cub monoplane at the Nashua  Airport in New Hampshire.  He took off and flew southward over the nearby town of Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.  There he began putting the aircraft through a series of stunts, which caused motorists passing below to stop and watch.  According to witnesses, at one point the plane came out of a loop and stalled, and then side-slipped to the ground.  (The pilot would later relate to investigators that the motor suddenly stopped.)   

     The aircraft came down in some trees, and according to a newspaper account, the only thing which prevented the airplane from being completely destroyed was a single large branch which caught the airplane and held it in place. 

     The crash occurred on the grounds of the Genoa Club, near the east bank of the Merrimack River.   

     Although the airplane was damaged, the youthful pilot escaped with only a wrenched shoulder.  

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Sabolousky, Student Flyer In Plane Crash”, September 18, 1937, page 1. 


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