Two Providence, R. I. Balloon Ascensions – 1835

     Louis Anselm Lauriat, (1786 – 1857), was a Boston aeronaut who reportedly made 48 balloon ascensions during his lifetime.  He was born in Marseilles, France, and came to America in the early 1800s, where he settled in Boston and established a business at the corner of Washington and Springfield Streets in Boston producing gold leaf.  He also developed an interest in science and balloons, and began making ascensions of his own. 

     On July 25, 1835, Lauriat made a balloon ascension from Providence and later wrote of his journey which was published in The Northern Star & Constitutionalist (A defunct newspaper of Warren, Rhode Island) on August 1, 1835. 

     Lauriat made another ascension from Providence on August 8, 1835. (See advertisement below.)   

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Herald of the Times
(Newport, R. I.)
August 6, 1835

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