Truro, MA. – June 22, 1949

Truro, Massachusetts – June 22, 1949

     On June 22, 1949, three Providence men rented a Stinson Voyager 150 airplane at the Hillsgrove Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island and flew to Cape Cod.  While over the outer cape they found themselves surrounded by heavy fog, so when the pilot saw a break in the clouds he went through it and made an emergency landing in a pasture in Truro, Massachusetts.  The men then walked to Truro’s Highland Lighthouse to ask for directions.  There they met Coastguardsman Arthur F. Silva who brought them back to their airplane in the station’s jeep.  By this time the weather was presumably clearing.

     Silva watched the men climb into the airplane and observed the takeoff.  As the plane rose, the aircraft banked so steeply that the engine stalled, and the plane fell back to earth coming down in a grove of trees.  The aircraft was a total wreck but the men weren’t seriously injured.  Silva helped them into the jeep and began taking them to a local doctor, but when they encountered a lone police officer they were transferred to the patrol car. 


     The Provincetown Advocate, “To Fellows And Friends A Far And Abroad”, (A weekly column), June 23, 1949  


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