Tiverton, R.I. – July 4, 1994

Tiverton, Rhode Island – July 4, 1994

     At 10 a.m. on July 4, 1994, a 42-year-old man took off from the Fall River Airport in a home-built ultralight aircraft and set off for a shoreline flight along Mount Hope Bay towards Rhode Island.  Awhile later he turned inland over Horizon Drive in the town of Tiverton.  According to a witness, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 350 feet when its engine suddenly stopped.  As the plane began to drop the pilot deployed the emergency parachute but it was not enough to slow the plane enough to prevent it from crashing about twenty feet from a home on Horizon Drive.   The pilot was killed instantly. 

     Source: Providence Journal, “Ultralight Plane Crashes In Tiverton; Pilot Killed”, July 5, 1994, page A-1

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