Stamford, CT. – May 31, 1922

Stamford, Connecticut – May 31, 1922

Stamford Harbor


     On May 31, 1922, William Purcell of New York City was piloting his airplane along the Connecticut shore line with a passenger who was taking aerial photographs when the engine began running erratically.  Purcell safely brought the plane down near the property of W. W. Skiddy in Stamford, and after making repairs took off again.  As the plane was ascending the engine suddenly lost power, and the aircraft dove into Stamford Harbor and embedded itself in the mud.  Purcell and his passenger escaped uninjured and swam to shore.   

     The type of airplane was not stated. 


     Hartford Courant, (Conn.) “Airplane Falls In Stamford Harbor”, June 1, 1922

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