South Kingstown, R.I. – May 28, 1984

South Kingstown, Rhode Island – May 28, 1984

     On the morning of May 28, 1984, a Cessna 190 with a pilot and woman passenger aboard left Martha’s Vineyard bound for Ansonia, Connecticut. While passing over southern Rhode Island they ran into poor weather and the pilot decided to land until it passed.  He was familiar with the area, and knew of a small private air strip on Green Hill, off Schoolhouse Road, in South Kingston.  The airstrip was primarily used by the owner for take-offs and landing his ultralight aircraft. 

     The pilot of the Cessna attempted to land but aborted the first two passes.  While attempting his third, the airplane overshot the runway and crashed nose-first into a swamp.  A witness to the accident was the first to reach the downed aircraft which was imbedded in soft marshy material, and discovered that both the pilot and his passenger were not injured.  

     The aircraft suffered significant damage.    


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