Rutland, VT. – June 24, 1934

Rutland, Vermont – June 24, 1934

     On June 24, 1934, a Bellanca monoplane with two men aboard was circling 3,000 feet over the Rutland Airport.  The men were working for the Aerial Exploration Survey Company taking photographs of the region to be utilized in a federal government survey of New York and Vermont Mountains.  

     Meanwhile, a Connecticut National Guard captain was approaching the airport in a Douglas O-38 bi-plane, (Ser. No. 31-352), to take part in a dedication ceremony later in the day.   At some point both aircraft collided head-on in mid-air.  The captain was able bail out and parachute safely to the ground while his aircraft crashed below. 

     Both men aboard the other aircraft were thrown clear by the impact as their plane broke apart.  Each was wearing a parachute, but neither parachute was opened.  It was unknown if they died as a result of the crash, or the fall.   


     The Nashua Telegraph, “Two Killed At Rutland Vt. Airport”, June 25, 1934 

     Aviation Safety Network


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