Roxbury, CT. – September 1, 1974

Roxbury, Connecticut – September 1, 1974

     At 1:30 a.m., three young men left Block Island Airport, (Rhode Island), in a four-seat, single-engine, Grumman Air Traveler A-5, (#N7114L), bound for Danbury, Connecticut.  All three men were from Ridgefield, Connecticut, and all were 21-years-old.  When they failed to arrive at Danbury the aircraft was declared missing and a search begun.

     A man in Roxbury, Connecticut, a town located about fifteen miles northeast of Danbury, reported hearing an explosion around 2:30 a.m. The following day searchers found the wreckage of the plane on a wooded ridge.  There were no survivors.  Despite reports of an explosion, investigators found no indication the plane had exploded before hitting the ground.  One investigator was quoted as saying, “Indications are that it flew right into the side of the ridge”. 


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