Rockville, CT. – November 11, 1920

Rockville, Connecticut – November 11, 1920

Rockville is a village in the town of Vernon, Connecticut.

     On November 11, 1920, the Village of Rockville was celebrating Armistice Day.  (Today known as Veteran’s Day, marking the end of World War I.)  Part of the ceremonies were to include a flight made by and army airplane that had been brought in for the day.  The plane had been parked at the fair grounds for most of the morning to give the public ample time to view it. 

     When it came time for the flight, the propeller was spun to start the aircraft, and when the engine roared to life, the pilotless airplane suddenly pulled away and drove itself into a nearby parked automobile.   A U.S. Army Lieutenant was slightly injured when he was nicked by the spinning propeller.   The aircraft and automobile suffered significant damage.

     The cause was said to be an open throttle. 


     Hartford Courant, (Conn.), “Rockville Airplane Has Accident”, November 12, 1920 


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