Reading, MA – August 24, 1925

Reading, Massachusetts – August 24, 1925  

     On August 24, 1925, George Pigeon was flying his airplane about 1,500 feet over Reading, Massachusetts, when the aircraft hit an air pocket.  The plane fell several hundred feet before Pigeon regained control, and attempted an emergency landing on Park Street.  Witnesses said the plane barely cleared several trees before nose diving into a popular swimming hole occupied by more than a dozen boys.   Luckily one of the boys saw what was coming and shouted a warning.  The last boy scrambled out of the hole just as the plane splashed down.     

     Fortunately Pigeon and his passenger, Nathan Davis, received minor bumps and burses, but the plane was wrecked.

Source: Pawtucket Times, “Plane Dives Into Old Swimming Hole” August 24, 1925, Pg. 12     



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