Putnam, CT. – November 9, 1930

Putnam, Connecticut – November 9, 1930

     On the afternoon of November 9, 1930, a pilot was giving scenic plane rides from Mantup Field in Putnam.  At about 3:30 PM he took off with a married couple for a routine flight over the nearby town of Danielson.  The aircraft was owned by Skyways Transportation.  The type of aircraft was not stated in the news. 

     Shortly after take off and while still at a low altitude, the engine suddenly failed and the pilot looked for a place to make an emergency landing.  There wasn’t enough altitude to return to Mantup Field, so he aimed for an open field near the Town Farm.   Upon touchdown, the plane rolled the length of the short field before crashing into wire fence tearing away the landing gear and wings before flipping upright onto its nose.   Although the plane was wrecked, nobody was injured.

     The pilot and his passengers walked out to River Road where a passing motorist drove them to Mantup Field.  There, the couple reportedly climbed aboard another airplane and took off again.  This time they had an uneventful flight.  


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