Portsmouth, N.H. – April 27, 1930

Portsmouth, New Hampshire – April 27, 1930 

     On April 27, 1930, pilot Clyde Robinson took Geneva Brackett, and Bruce Hessler, both 14, on their first plane ride over the Portsmouth area.  The youths enjoyed the flight so much that later in the day they wanted to fly again.  Later that same day the three took off from the Hessler farm in the neighboring town of Greenland, but at some point the aircraft developed mechanical trouble and the engine stalled, and Robinson couldn’t restart it. 

     He brought the plane down for an emergency landing on a roadway, but just before touch-down one of the wings clipped a tree sending the craft crashing into the ground where it erupted in flames.  Robinson was thrown clear by the impact, but the youths were trapped inside.  Robinson received severe burns on his face, arms, and upper body, during his unsuccessful attempt to rescue his passengers.      

     Source: New York Times, “Two Children Killed In New Hampshire When Plane Falls And Burns”, April 28, 1930

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