Otis Air Force Base – July 4, 1962

Otis Air Force Base – July 4, 1962 

     On July 4, 1962, Captain Morgan G. Childs Jr., was at the helm of an air force  Super Constellation of the 551st AEW&C wing when the plane suffered an unspecified malfunction.  He was advised to circle Otis AFB to burn off fuel before preparing for an emergency landing. 

    At 5:46 p.m., after six hours of circling, he brought the plane in to land, but as it touched down on the runway the nose wheel collapsed.  The aircraft skidded several hundred yards before coming to a stop. 

    As Otis fire and rescue headed for the plane, Captain Childs and four other crewmen climbed out on their own – uninjured. 

Source: Falmouth Enterprise, “Captain Childs Hero of Tense Episode At Otis”, July 6, 1962.


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