North Haven, CT – July 7, 1941

North Haven, Connecticut – July 7, 1941

Updated January 17, 2022  

     On July 7, 1941, a Stinson monoplane with three people aboard took off from New Haven Municipal Airport.  Weather conditions were poor, with heavy fog and a very low cloud ceiling.  Minutes later, witnesses stated the craft swooped low roughly 50 feet off the ground and flew between two trees at the edge of a field, before accelerating and clipping a wing on another tree 250 feet away.  After striking the tree, the ship nosed into the ground and burst into flames.

     The 35-year-old pilot and one of the passengers were thrown clear by the impact but received fatal injuries.  The other passenger  was pulled from the flaming wreckage by several men who were working nearby, but she did not survive. 

     It was surmised that the pilot was attempting to land in the field when he aborted the attempt due to rough terrain.  


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