North Berwick, ME. – September 1, 1986

North Berwick, Maine – September 1, 1986 

     On the morning of September 1, 1986, a husband and wife, and their teenaged son, took off from Richmond Airport in Rhode Island, in a Grumman Cheeta, bound for Maine.  They landed in Sanford, Maine, and spent the day there before taking off for a return trip to Rhode Island at 4 p.m.  Shortly after takeoff the engine lost all power, and the pilot looked for an emergency landing site.  He saw a open field in North Berwick and aimed for it.  As the plane glided in the right wing struck some power lines causing the aircraft to spin around and crash.  Although the aircraft suffered damage, the family was not injured. 

     Source: Providence Journal, “Wife Lost Her Faith On The Telephone Wires”, September 3, 1986, page A-3.      

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