North Attleboro, MA. – June 18, 1948

North Attleboro, Massachusetts – June 18, 1948

     On the morning of June 18, 1948, a 27-year-old pilot took off from Hillsgrove Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island, in a Cessna 140 airplane.  His destination was Wilkins Airport in North Attleboro.  Upon reaching the airport, the pilot attempted to land, but overshot the filed and was unable to stop.  The plane crashed through a fence, went across Kelley Boulevard, struck the curbing on the opposite side and nosed over and flipped on its back.  Despite the plane being wrecked, the pilot was not seriously injured.  


     The Pawtucket Times, “Plane Wrecked At No. Attleboro”, June 18, 1948, pg. 9.

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