Nomans Land Island, MA – July 2, 1950

Nomans Land Island, Massachusetts – July 2, 1950

     On the morning of July 2, 1950, two men, identified as David Brooks, 33, and Robert Fischer, 28, took off from Beverly Airport, in Beverly, Massachusetts, planning to return in the afternoon.  When they failed to return by 9:30 that night, a relative contacted the Coast Guard, and despite heavy fog conditions a search was instituted.  The men were found early the following morning on Nomans Land Island (a.k.a No Mans Land Island) which is located about three miles southwest off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. 

     They’d gone to the uninhabited island to photograph wild flowers, but the aircraft had crashed, pinning one of them in the wreckage.  Both were transported to a hospital and treated for their injuries. 

     Today the island is a wildlife refuge and closed to the public due to the possibility of unexploded military ordinance.  Between 1943 and 1996 the island was used by the military for bombing and gunnery practice.   For more information about the island see Wikipedia.     


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