Newburyport, MA. – August 8, 1914

Newburyport, Massachusetts – August 8, 1914


     On Saturday, August 8, 1914, a balloon ascension was scheduled to take place in an open area near the North End Boat Club in Newburyport, and a large crowd had gathered to see the event.  The balloon was anchored between two 40-foot-tall poles as it was being prepared for flight.  A wind was blowing, and at one point a strong gust hit the balloon sending it against one of the poles.  The pole snapped three feet from the ground, and fell directly into the waiting crowd seriously injuring a man and woman, and killing an 11-month-old baby who was in a carriage.   


     The Barre Daily Times, (Vermont), “killed At Balloon Ascension – Baby In Newburyport Crowd Crushed By Falling Flag Pole.”, August 10, 1914, page 3.      


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