Nashua, NH. – May 28, 1948

Nashua, New Hampshire – May 28, 1948

     At about 12:30 p.m. on the afternoon of May 28, 1948, a 40-year-old Nashua man took off from Boire Airfield in Nashua in a small monoplane.  The reason for the flight was not stated in the press, however, shortly after takeoff something went wrong, and the plane crashed in the front yard of a home on Perry Avenue, and the pilot was killed instantly.

     The owner of the home told reporters that just before the accident, she and her 10-year-old son observed the plane circling overhead as if it were in trouble.  She and her son then began walking down the street to take him back to school, and a few moments later the plane crashed in her front yard.  Neither of them was hurt.   

     Prior to crashing in the front yard, the plane had careened off a neighbor’s roof tearing away some of the slate shingles.  

     The Reverend Leo Gilbert of St. Louis de Gonzague parish administered last rites to the pilot.     

     Source: The Nashua Telegraph, “Body Hurled To Porch As Plane Hits Perry Avenue”, May 28, 1948, page 1 

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