Milton, MA. – August 10, 1937

Milton, Massachusetts – August 10, 1937

     On August 10, 1937, a 24-year-old man took off from Norwood Airport in a small two-seat airplane to practice take offs and landings.  He was a novice pilot with only three hours of solo time. 

     At some point he flew eastward and over the nearby town of Milton.  What went wrong was not stated in the newspaper, but the aircraft was witnessed by a man and his two sons to be flying low over their neighborhood.   As they watched, the plane suddenly side-slipped to the ground, glanced off a small shed, and then crashed into a garage.  When the plane struck the shed one of its tires broke away and hit the boys father in the head.   

     There was no fire after the crash.  The pilot was reportedly dead on arrival at Milton Hospital.  Investigators noted that the safety belt had broken and he was pitched into the dashboard at the time of impact. 

     The man who’d been hit by the tire was treated and released. 


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