Milan, N.H. – April 10, 1975

Milan, New Hampshire – April 10, 1975

     On April 10, 1975, a single-engine aircraft was passing about a mile north of Milan, New Hampshire, as one of the occupants prepared for a sky-diving jump.  Aboard the aircraft was a pilot, a sky diving instructor, and a 20-year-old woman who was to make her first parachute descent.   After the woman jumped, she was carried over the Androscoggin River and came down in the swift moving waters.  

     The pilot immediately attempted to set the aircraft down in a field near the river and crash-landed in the process, but neither the pilot nor the instructor were injured.  Both ran to the river where the instructor rescued the woman from the water.  When brought ashore she wasn’t breathing, but after administering artificial respiration the woman was revived and was transported to Berlin Hospital.  


     Providence Evening Bulletin, “Brush With Death”, April 11, 1975, page A-9.

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