Middletown, CT. – May 9, 1920

Middletown, Connecticut – May 9, 1920

     On May 8, 1920, U.S. Army Lieutenant Kenneth M. Murray had flown from Long Island, New York, to Middletown, Connecticut, where landed at Brock’s Field in an area known as Farm Hill.  The aircraft he flew was a 90 horse power Curtis bi-plane. 

     The following day he was accelerating for take off with an unidentified passenger aboard when the plane’s undercarriage ran into a muddy portion of the field and sank into the soft earth causing the lower left wing to dip and hit the ground.  The wing caught the ground and caused the plane to ground loop, crumpling the wings, and breaking the propeller.  The plane was described as a “complete wreck”, but fortunately there were no injuries.   

     The wreckage was taken back to New York where it was felt the engine might be salvaged.


     Hartford Courant, “Airplane Wrecked; Pilot Uninjured”, May 10, 1920




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