Mason, N.H. – March 12, 1975

Mason, New Hampshire – March 12, 1975

     At 5:00 p.m. on March 12, 1975, a blue and white Cessna 150, (N8273S), took off from Trumbull Airport in Groton, Connecticut, bound for Brainard Airfield in East Hartford.  (Today Trumbull Airport is known as Groton-New London Airport.)  The weather at the time was poor, and consisted of a heavy low cloud cover.  The pilot was a 35-year-old man from Bloomfield, Ct.  With him was an 18-year-old female passenger from Norwich, Ct.  When the plane never arrived at Brainard Field it was declared “missing” and a search was begun.  

     The search lasted for five days, but no trace of the missing aircraft was found.  It was called off on March 18. 

     On March 23, 1975, two men came upon the wreckage of the missing plane while walking along a fire road in Mason, New Hampshire.  The plane’s wings were ripped away, and the fuselage was crushed.  The bodies of the missing couple were found inside.  

     Mason is a town that borders Townsend, Massachusetts.


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